Getting Started with TPRS
  • Develop TPRS® skills with step-by-step training.
  • Be a student in a Russian language classroom.
  • Practice with an experienced team of coaches.


Working Out the Kinks
  • Find your TPRS® Style in the classroom.
  • Manage the class during stories.
  • Create a story with your students.
  • Move beyond basic circling.


Expanding Your Repertoire
  • Selection of advanced skills workshops.
  • Language class option.
  • Practice time to cement the essential skills.

Elementary Workshop

  • Teach pre-literate and literate students.
  • Create stories for younger learners.
  • Engage class with props, games, & music.
  • Introduce reading and writing.

ESL Workshop

  • Implement TPRS® with ELLs of all Levels
  • Accelerate achievement in content areas
  • Create lessons and assessments
  • Strengthen literacy skills

Coaching for Coaches

  • Help others improve their TPRS® skills.
  • Participate in small group practice sessions.
  • Experience both being coached and acting as a coach.