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A Look at Registered Nurse Salaries

One of the top reasons people decide to go into nursing is because they think the money is good. Honestly, they are right. The average starting wage for a registered nurse is around $50 on the low side, while nurses with years of experience can make a whole lot more. It is not uncommon for a registered nurse to earn more than $76,360 per year ( last 2019 data ). Salary will vary depending on your experience, education and even where you are located. A nurse in a metropolitan city will likely make more than one in a tiny town due to the cost of living.

To become a registered nurse, you need to attend nursing school at a college, university or technical school. An Associates Degree in Nursing or a related medical field is required, and the state board exam must be passed before you can be certified as a registered nurse. This entire process can take years, but many nurses are able to work while attending school if they need to and receive on the job training. Some start out as LPNs at a lower salary and take advantage of tuition reimbursement programs offered by their employer.

Registered nurses work in many different settings. The most common place you’ll find a registered nurse is in a doctor’s office. These are the men and women who take your temperature, blood pressure, blood samples and more. Nurses gather and collect data for the doctor about patients. Hospitals are also a good place to find lots of nurses. At a hospital, there are so many different departments in which nurses can be employed. Whether you want a job in pediatrics or something fast paced in the ER hospital jobs are worth checking into. RNs can also be found in schools, factories, offices, the military, movie sets, cruise ships and lots of other places.

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So, registered nurse salaries are often geared towards not only the work environment but the qualifications of the nurse. Some nurses with years of experience have taken classes that have advanced their job station. If you’re just starting out, look for a position that offers room for advancement or would look good on your resume. You can go from entry level pay to big bucks if you are a dedicated nurse who stays educated and keeps an eye out for good job opportunities.