Different Types of Medical Billing and Coding Job Locations

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When thinking about a career in medical billing and coding, many people limit themselves to hospitals and doctor’s offices. The list below supplies an exhaustive resource on the types of facilities that might hire billers and coders. By opening the field to additional employers, you have a better chance at landing a job you enjoy and that pays well.


There are a variety of hospitals in most medium to large cities. General hospitals provide emergency and trauma services, as well as numerous core medical services like obstetrics, surgery, intensive care, physical therapy and psychiatric care. There are also outpatient hospitals that specialize in surgeries and procedures that no longer require overnight care due to technological advances. Specialty hospitals offer a single type of care, such as heart surgery, behavioral health or orthopedics. Individuals who are interested in working in a specific environment might enjoy employment with a specialty facility.

Physician’s Offices

Physician’s offices come in all sizes from single practices to multi-physician clinics. Working for a single physician may provide a more relaxed atmosphere while a busy clinic usually offers more hours and room for growth. Types of physician’s offices include general family practices, pediatricians, OBGYNs, pain management, orthopedics, ENTs, endocrinologists and more. If you have an interest in working with someone who assists a certain population or type of patient, working in a doctor’s office is often the best way to achieve that goal.


There are a variety of non-physician clinics that hire medical billers and coders. Examples include physical therapy clinics, chiropractors and mental health clinics. At times, job listings for some of these opportunities may be located in areas of classifieds other than medical or health care. Those looking for administrative, clerical, billing or coding jobs in alternative treatment areas may want to look under headers such as social services and non-profits.

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Dental Offices, Optometrists, Pharmacies and Spas

Often overlooked when it comes to health care related jobs are sub-specialties and related fields. Any office that provides services that can be billed through insurance or pharmacy cards may need the services of a biller or coder. Billing to dental insurance follows most of the same rules as billing to health insurance. Optometry is usually covered under a health or vision plan. Pharmacies and mail order supply companies must bill drug cards and major medical plans for reimbursement. The volume of orders processed in the pharmaceutical industry makes it a viable source for billing and coding jobs at any time. Even health spas can provide services that are reimbursable through insurance plans. When looking for a job in the billing and coding industry, be creative in your search to uncover the highest number of opportunities.

Consulting Firms

Many small businesses provide consulting services to healthcare providers of all types. One of those services is medical billing and record management. The firm takes all data for services rendered and bills insurance companies and patients. Usually, they charge a small fee plus commission on money collected. These are a great place for medical billers and coders to garner experience, because you can work on different types of billing in the same office. You can gain experience with durable medical equipment claims, hospital surgery claims and physical therapy claims in a single job. This makes you more valuable as a billing and coding employee should you ever search for another employment opportunity.

Work-At-Home Opportunities

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There are companies who hire medical billers and coders to work as consultants from home. Usually these jobs are arranged between consulting firms or healthcare facilities and experienced individuals. Many companies offer work-at-home opportunities for inexperienced persons. The companies state training will be provided and individuals can begin working in a few weeks. Often, these non-traditional job opportunities involve the purchase of expensive equipment or software. The industry is rife with scams of this type, as well, so inexperienced individuals should be wary of work-at-home billing opportunities that sound too good to be true.