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How to be a Registered Pediatric Nurse

If you love children and want to be a nurse, consider becoming a registered pediatric nurse. The first step on this journey is to first and foremost become an LPN or RN. LPN stands for licensed practical nurse and is a shorter program than the RN, or registered nurse program. Both require textbook education as well as lots of on the job training. Once you are either an LPN or RN, you are ready to pursue a career in pediatric nursing. Pediatric is defined as the period between birth and 18 years of age.

Once you are certified as a nurse, you can train to become a certified pediatric nurse. There are continuing education classes and diplomas for nurses who want to specialize in pediatrics. Another way to become a pediatric nurse is to simply get a job at a pediatrician’s office, or the nursery area of the hospital, and gain valuable training as you work. Kind of a learn as you go method. Either way, you get valuable training and the opportunity to work with youngsters. Children are sometimes frightened when they go to the doctor, but a friendly nurse can help remove some of their anxiety.

A pediatric registered nurse can perform a lot of different tasks. For example, they are called upon to give medication, injections, take temperatures, monitor oxygen levels, collect child measurements and much more. One thing you need as a pediatric nurse is lots of patience and a sense of humor. Not to mention a thick skin. I’m sure more than one pediatric nurse has gotten a swift kick or two from a child they were trying to vaccinate. All in all, the life of a nurse who focuses on children is satisfying and rewarding, both personally and financially.

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On average, the salary for a registered nurse is around $76,360 per year ( last 2019 data ) . This can be more or less depending on many factors. If you have taken specialized classes to become a registered pediatric nurse, your salary might be more than this. Nurses almost always get good benefits, and some even get sign-on bonuses. There is an ever growing demand for nursing professionals, and as the population grows so does the need for pediatric nurses in doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools, day care centers and other locations.