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Is it Possible to Become a Registered Nurse Online?

One of the most popular ways for adults to obtain a higher education is through distance learning. And, one of the most popular careers for both young adults and mature adults is that of a registered nurse. RNs make a good salary, get to help others and often receive a substantial benefits package as part of their employment. But can you become a registered nurse online? The answer to this question is partially. Much of the textbook work can be done online but you will also require hands-on training.

The number one thing to look for in a distance learning program is accreditation. Make sure the program you are considering is fully accredited in the state you wish to practice as a registered nurse. Once you’ve found an accredited distance learning institution the next step is looking into any financial aid programs they offer or that you may qualify for through the government, such as grants, loans and even scholarships. Believe it or not, the process for admittance to a good distance learning school is nearly as rigorous as that of a traditional university.

Also, you will need to learn as much as you can about the nursing program you are taking. There will likely be seminars, lectures and online classes conducted in web conference format at certain times, so you will need a good computer with high speed access to the Internet. In addition to Web work, you will most likely be required to complete residency training. This is the hands-on training that is so important for potential registered nurses. Registered nurses must complete so many different physical tasks in a day that on-the-job training is absolutely essential.

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So while you probably can’t become a registered nurse online without some kind of internship or residency training, it is possible to do some of your RN coursework over the Internet. This can be a good choice for adult students with families and day jobs. Students who started nursing school but never finished may also want to go this route. The Internet makes it easier and more convenient for adults with busy lives to get their college degree, even in the field of nursing. As a registered nurse you will need a minimum of an Associate’s degree in a nursing related field and successful completion of your State Board of Nursing exam.