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Medical Billing School, What You Learn

If you are thinking about going to medical billing school, you might wonder just what are you going to learn about. Many of these courses are about nine months long and are said to get you ready for a job in the field. The truth is that the exact lessons that you follow can vary drastically depending on what institution that you are attending.

Many places even train you as front office person for a doctor’s office in addition to medical billing. They call this medical office administration. OK, now that we know that exactly what you are going to learn in the classroom is going to vary, what is it that you really need to learn. There are definitely some key things that you are going to want to pay attention to in medical billing school.

Medical Terminology

You do not need to know every body part and ailment like you were a doctor. However, it is a good idea to have some idea of the ailments and procedures that you are billing for. When you are reading paperwork, you want to know that you are entering the right procedure for the right patient to make sure that everyone gets paid.


There are two types of codes that you will in medical billing school. They are the ICD-9 and CPT codes. You will not memorize these, but you will understand them well enough to be able to look up the code for anything that you could possibly need. There are even certification tests that you can take after your medical billing school to get certified on just this one aspect of your training.

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Insurance Information

To be able to bill properly, you need to understand how health insurance works. From medicare to third party insurance companies, there is a lot to know about when it comes to the basics of each type. You need to know what forms to use to bill each insurance and who you bill first when there are multiple companies involved. You can easily learn all of this through your medical billing school classes.

These are the top areas that each medical billing school will concentrate on. Some will even help you learn how to get your resume ready and even interview for your first position. When you are getting ready to choose where you are going to attend classes, you are going to want check to see what exactly is included in your tuition.