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Medical Job Description – Registered Nurse

When seeking a medical job description, registered nurse is one that could be a mile long. There are so many different tasks performed by RNs. Registered nurses have their Associates or higher in nursing, and they have passed their state registered nursing exam. This is a process that takes years, so registered nurses do have a high level of responsibility when it comes to their job duties. RNs can deal with people from all walks of life and all ages, and must be personable and flexible. Career Advantages Enjoyed By Registered Nurse Associates

A registered nurse description could read something like this – get to work and start taking temperatures, giving injections, applying bandages, fetching things for the doctor, assisting with procedures, collecting data and so much more. There are different kinds of RNs, including those that work solely in the mental health field and those that work in pediatrics. These are examples of nursing specialties where duties may vary a bit and specialized training is needed. The most important thing a nurse needs is a quick mind, a friendly smile and the ability to work under pressure.
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Of course, some job sites will be higher pressure than others. A physician’s office might get busy some days, with one patient after another, but this is a pretty laid back job when compared to the hustle and bustle of the hospital emergency room. Military jobs are also extremely high pressure, as you may be called upon to tend wounded soldiers, refugees and others. Nurses are also required in schools, factories and many other places. For example you might land a job on a cruise ship or at a fancy resort as the resident nurse. The job possibilities for nurses are ripe for the picking – you could even become a traveling nurse if travel is something you enjoy. Online Medical Billing

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So on the topic of job description, registered nurse is certainly not confined to one sentence. Unless that sentence were to follow doctor’s orders and provide care to patients as needed. Within such a brief description lies an unlimited variety of medical tasks that may need to be performed. A discussion of job description isn’t complete without talking about salary. On average, a registered nurse makes about $50,000 per year. Now, this figure does go up and down quite a bit depending on education, experience and geographic area, but it is a basic salary average.