Most Acclaimed Methods of Medical Treatment

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Medical treatment in the twenty first century has become extremely diverse and multidimensional. The reason of this great diversity is not only the development in the modern medical science of allopathic tradition but rather a lot of contributing factors like the emergence of various life style oriented diseases and the constant increase of the reach and expanse of these diseases in reaching almost to the epidemic proportion, the transformation of health care sector into a professional and business focused sector instead of its previous status as a welfare sector for people, global consciousness on the importance of addressing health care concerns and environmental and pollution oriented problems becoming a key concern area for numerous health hazards. The diversity of the medical practice and treatment which provides the backdrop for the most acclaimed methods of medical treatment in the present scenario of medical practice, presents a great range of doctrines and procedures of treatment several of that have
been recovered from the oblivion and obscurity of historical traditions or from the peripheral stream of their practice as marginal treatment in various aboriginal and backward social classes. Many of the most acclaimed methods of medical treatment have been basically recovered from the almost fossil stage or from extinct state of marginal existence. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, tradition of various ancient home remedies, etc., are some of the examples that have been incorporated in many of the most acclaimed methods of medical treatment in the modern age. Here we would briefly introduce some of the most acclaimed medical treatment.

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Allopathic Treatment
Medical treatment in the allopathic tradition is undoubtedly the most acclaimed method of medical treatment as allopathic treatment covers the entire body of diseases and disorders and the research in the modern medical practice. As the mainstream of medical care its growth, expanse, acceptance and popularity outnumbers any other form of medical treatment. Any research in any dimension of health care and diseases is dominantly led by allopathic method of treatment and in many respects it is considered as almost synonymous to the modern medical science.

Ayurvedic Treatment
Though allopathic treatment is still the most dominant form of medication, Ayurvedic treatment has gained immense popularity as one of the most viable option in treating various life style oriented diseases like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, liver and diabolic disorders, kidney problems, hypertension and high blood pressure, etc. As the treatment is focused to a holistic approach in assisting the body’s innate immune and healing potential for the treatment of a disease, Ayurvedic treatment is considered as almost harmless and with a great track record of treating many life style oriented diseases successfully this treatment can be regarded as one of the most acclaimed method of medical treatment after the mainstream treatment method of allopathic tradition.

Homeopathy is relatively a new discovery in the history of medical science. Homeopathy believes not in different medicinal treatment for different diseases, rather this method of treatment is focused on the diagnosis of the central root of all symptoms relating to physical malfunction and medicinal treatment for the whole lot of these symptoms is followed thereafter. The treatment is less expensive and is considered as almost devoid of any side effects and this explains the basis for its popularity as one of the most acclaimed methods of medical treatment.

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There are numerous other methods of medical treatment that are popular for their healing effects in relation to many diseases but either these methods of treatments are regularly incorporated in the major forms of treatment or practiced beside the other methods of treatment. Some of these treatments that are well known for their healing effects include nutritional treatment, yoga and meditation, acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, Unani treatment, etc.