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Registered Nurse Positions to Consider

Anyone who is considering attending nursing school or who already has and is ready to work as a registered nurse should be aware of all the opportunities that are in this career field before jumping on the first registered nurses job offered. As a registered nurse, there is a wide array of locations where you can work. With each different location comes a different atmosphere – no matter what kind of personality you have, it is possible to find registered nurse employment in a place that is compatible with you.

For example, if you love adrenaline and excitement on the job, consider a job in the Emergency Room of your local hospital, or the nearest metropolitan hospital. The ER has no shortage of drama and fast-paced work. You never know what is going to come in the door, and you have to be prepared for anything. A job at the ER is also great for the registered nurse who wants a flexible schedule, because the ER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another way to get work thrills is by being a registered nurse that flies on an urgent care helicopter for severe trauma cases.

Maybe you’re a bit more sedate. You would rather have a steady, rather quiet job to depend on every day. The perfect place for you would be a doctor’s office. This could be a family doctor, pediatrics doctor or specialist of some kind. When you work in a doctor’s office, you still get to see new people and situations each day but there is more of a routine than you will find in a busy hospital. The cases that come into doctor’s offices are not as urgent or severe as cases that come into the ER.

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That’s not all when it comes to registered nurse positions. As a traveling nurse, you can be assigned to a different job site as necessity dictates. Traveling nurses usually work with agencies who send them on assignments. RNs are also called upon to work in schools, at job sites, home health care facilities and so many other places. Registered nurse employment is very rewarding no matter what nursing environment you find yourself in. As a nurse, you will most likely always find jobs in a variety of different medical fields requiring your specialized RN skills.