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The Career Advantages Enjoyed By Registered Nurse Associates

Registered nurse associates must obtain a wealth of education and training before they are able to perform their job duties. If you are considering the career of resident nurse associate, you need to become certified as a registered nurse and obtain your Associate’s degree in nursing. If you want to go even further in your nursing career you can obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Even becoming an associate registered nurse takes years of schooling and hands-on training.

While it’s never too late to get a higher education, the best time to begin preparing for your new nursing career is in high school. Not only can you take college preparatory classes, you can take classes that directly relate to your interest in nursing. And at many high schools there is the option to also attend a vocational school for the period of the day where you can get active training from qualified instructors in the field of nursing. This is an excellent way to learn through practice rather than only textbook. Once you’re out of high school you will have a good foundation on which to begin college-level nursing school.

Registered nurses can work many different places. They include but are not limited to hospitals (in all different departments,) doctor’s offices, schools, universities, in the military, nursing homes, industrial and corporate job sites, mental health facilities both inpatient and outpatient, and more. The career options for someone with their RN certification are boundless. Not to mention the pay, which can be quite good and on target with the education and training required for the job. The average annual salary of a registered nurse is around $50,000 but this figure can vary depending on job site and geographic location.

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A good salary isn’t the only perk. Almost always the job comes with an attractive benefits package for the employee and sometimes their family also. This may include life and health insurance, workers’ compensation, short and long term disability benefits and more. For some nursing jobs there are sign on bonuses and other incentives given to new hires. Another advantage of this career is job security. There is always going to be a need for nurses, and as the world’s population rises so does the need. Therefore, anyone considering nursing as a profession can look forward to a favorable job market.