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The High Demand for Registered Nurse Staffing

All around the country there is a need for registered nurse staffing. A registered nurse, or RN, is a nurse registered by his or her state after having completed an accredited educational program and passed a State Board of Nursing exam. It is a rigorous educational and training process to go through in order to get your degree, but the payoffs are immense. There is an ever-growing need for nurses, because as the population rises so does the requirement for trained medical personnel. With your RN degree, there is so much you can do when it comes to serving in the medical field.

For example, you could work at your local hospital. This is a place where opportunities abound for the registered nurse. Think about it – how many different departments does your local hospital have? There’s the Emergency Room, operating room, cardiac ward, nursery, intensive care unit and many other departments where RNs are needed. Registered nurses also serve in the military, work at doctor’s offices, schools, factories and other places. Some, called traveling nurses, go from assignment to assignment where they are needed. They can travel in their home area or go to locations spaced far apart if they choose.

The average salary for a nurse registered with their State Board of Nursing is about $50,000 per year. This figure can fluctuate a great deal in either direction depending on many different factors. For example, a new nurse just starting out is likely not going to make as much as a nurse with 20 years of experience. Also where you live and the average pay for nurses in your area will help determine your salary. Also with this salary nurses almost always get a good benefits package. Benefits include things like health insurance, workers’ compensation, short and long term disability, 401K accounts and other perks.

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Whether or not you have a special area in which you want to work, the demand for registered nurse staffing shows no signs of slowing. There will always be an urgent need for registered nurses. And, there will be a need for backup nurses to fill in, hence the high demand for traveling nurses. If you are beginning your nursing education or well into your career as a registered nurse, remember there are always new things to be learned and opportunities to pursue.