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The Male Nurse: More Than Just a Trend

For many years, nursing has been seen by mainstream society as a female profession, while men were supposed to be doctors. Not anymore. Just as there are female doctors, there are male nurses. And, the stigma that once followed male nurses is no more, because this career is perfectly respectable for any man. In order to be a nurse you need education, training and a good way with others, and these are qualifications not limited to females only. Registered Nurse Graduates

You may have seen the movie ‘Meet the Fockers’ where Ben Stiller plays a male nurse to Robert DeNiro’s overprotective potential father in law, who doesn’t understand why Stiller isn’t a doctor instead. The truth is, you can become a nurse in a lot less time than you can become a doctor. This means you can be out in the field of your choice working while potential doctors are still in medical school. The very process of becoming an RN takes at least two years, which is long enough for some students. Methods of Medical Treatment

Male nursing is catching on with men who want to enter the medical field in such a way that they can help people. Men are more than janitors, security guards and doctors at the hospital. They can also be nurses. One motivation for anyone to become a nurse is the money. On average, a registered nurse will make around $120,000 give or take, depending on where they live, where they work and their time on the job. The pay for male nurses versus female nurses is no different as the duties are the same.

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There are some uses for male nurses that some female nurses cannot do. For example, if a large patient must be restrained a strong male nurse might be just the person to help. Or, sometimes men at the doctor’s office or hospital would rather have a male nurse than a female one, especially if they are concerned about privacy. Also, the male nurse can interact with male patients of all ages in a way they can relate to. Over the years, the amount of male nurses is sure to skyrocket as more males currently in school decide they want to enter this noble helping profession. While some guys might be interested in the ratio of girls to guys in nursing school, others truly want to help their community as a nurse. Medical Billing and Coding Management