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Types of Jobs for Registered Nurse Graduates

If you are one of the many registered nurse graduates who has completed nursing school and passed your state exam, congratulations! You may be wondering what kind of nursing field you want to work in, what sort of registered nurse jobs appeal best to you. The good news is that RNs are needed in a variety of different settings. No matter where your career interests lie there is the perfect place for you – just take a look at some of what’s out there:

Hospitals: These facilities are often very large, and have many different departments in which RNs are employed. You could work in radiology, geriatrics, physical therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and the list goes on and on. Of course there is the Emergency Room, which needs good registered nurses around the clock to help take care of urgent care cases. You could also work in the OR, which stands for operating room.
Medical Job Description – Registered Nurse

Military: Maybe you want to serve your country while getting an education. You can do that because the U.S. Military will help you pay for college and even has positions in many areas for registered nurses. Your job duties could include caring for wounded soldiers, refugees, natives of occupied territories, military families living on base and others who need nursing attention.

Travel Nurse: One of the most popular registered nurse jobs is that of travel nurse. You’ll never get bored because your agency will assign you as needed to different locations. There are opportunities for nurses who can stay local in addition to those who can travel long distances at a moment’s notice. The only downside to this career is that it’s hard to create lasting bonds with co-workers because you’re always changing job sites.

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Doctor’s Office: There are many kinds of doctors, from the general family practitioner to the specialist who focuses on one area of the body. Doctors of all kinds need RNs in the office to help with tasks such as taking temperatures, blood pressure readings, drawing blood, administering injections, recording data, assisting with procedures and much more.
Medical Billing and Coding Career

These are just some of the jobs for registered nurse graduates. Before deciding on one nursing field or another, take your time to explore what interests you and what kind of environment you would be happiest in as a registered nurse.