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What is Required for Registered Nurse Certification?

For those planning a career in the medical field, the job of RN is quite appealing. However there are registered nurse requirements that must be met before one can become a registered nurse. There is quite a bit of education and training that is needed, as well as a passing grade on a state exam, in order to get a registered nurse certification. The process is not always easy, but it is well worth it. A career as a registered nurse is something you will have for a lifetime.

You will need an Associate Degree in a nursing field in order to take your state board exam. Along with this degree you will have by now gained valuable on the job training through an internship, work-study program or hands-on classroom learning. The path to becoming a registered nurse is filled with hard work. Not only will you need to study textbooks, you will be placed in real medical settings and required to learn as you go, under the watchful eye of your instructor. Internships are popular for nurses because they help pave the way to employment by getting one’s foot in the door and gaining valuable experience.

Now that you know the kind of education and training you need to be a registered nurse, don’t wait any longer. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of high school or preparing to turn forty – it’s never too late to get your education and enter a new career field, especially one you feel will make you happy. While it’s true that nursing can be stressful, it is also satisfying because your job is to help your fellow human being in need. Regardless of your specialty or department, nursing is a profession that is all about helping others heal.

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You can start the path to registered nurse certification in high school by attending classes at a technical or vocational facility if offered. Then you will need to go from high school to a college or university that offers a nursing program. Finally upon graduation of this program, you will be required to pass your State Board of Nursing exam. After all this, if you have successfully completed every step, you will be licensed to work as a registered nurse or RN. This gives you the opportunity for career flexibility, great pay and an ever expanding job market.