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What You Should Know About Registered Nursing Programs

There are many registered nursing programs for aspiring RNs to choose from. Ideally, you will begin your training in high school by taking classes advised by your counselor and enrolling in any technical nursing training courses available. After high school, you must attend nursing school at a university or college and earn the minimum of an Associate’s Degree, as well as earn a passing score on the RN exam. It can feel like a lot of schooling but is well worth the time and effort.

Choosing a registered nurse program should be quite simple. If you are in high school, your guidance counselor can direct you to the registered nurse colleges in your local area. However, you might be an adult student who wants to begin a new career or build on your existing one. In that case, check your local Yellow Pages or search the Internet for nursing schools, universities and colleges. You are likely to find some that cater especially to adult students. It helps to tour the schools you’re interested in and ask plenty of questions before deciding upon an educational facility.

Whether you are just beginning your career path or making a midlife change, nursing is an extremely rewarding profession, both personally and financially. You will learn in registered nurse college that the average pay for a registered nurse is $76,360 per year ( last 2019 data ) , although this figure can go up or down depending on a wide variety of factors. For example how long you’ve been on the job, where you work and your geographic area will all factor into your pay rate. You will also learn that taking care of others is a reward in and of itself. As a nurse, you provide care and comfort to people when they need it most.

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Registered nurse training consists of a multifaceted educational approach. You will learn through textbooks and through hands-on training. Students get to work in the field with real nurses once they’ve reached a certain point in their training. Many registered nursing programs also have fantastic internship programs where students can gain valuable job experience while earning college credit in most cases. If you feel that a job in the medical field is for you but you’ve already ruled out the career of doctor, take an in-depth look at the career choice of registered nurse.