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Who’s Enrolling in RN to BSN Program?

It is well-known if the registered nurses are better to earn the RN to BSN program for the next step to the brighter career advancement. Moreover, there are many RN to BSN program provided by nursing schools whether it is hybrid or online. Hybrid means you have the combination of online learning and on campus learning/practicum. The good news is you can study while you continue working as a nurse. There is no wasting your career time.

So, who’s enrolling in RN to BSN program? It is the nurses who chase the career in health care for the long term, the BSN is indeed a strategic move. In the US the rns with bsns are highly demanded due to the good salaries. Besides, a BSN holder is one step closer to a master’s degree or doctorate if you want to become an advanced practice nurse. Online RN to BSN Programs Cost.

For you who have worked as an RN, you may get financial aid from the hospital you works as nowadays many hospitals provide tuition reimbursement programs.

In the United States, it is noted that there were 747 accredited RN-to-BSN programs conducted with more than 400 online completed partially or completely. The programs are also held on-site clinics and hospitals. From the statistics, we know that the RN-to-BSN programs have rapidly grown lately; the enrollments increased a 10.4% leap between 2013 and 2014.

1. What do I need to get into an RN to BSN program?

Due to the significant growth of the enrollment, many people are curious about the requirements to complete to take the RN-TO-BSN programs. Each university has its special requirements, but generally you will need the following things to take:

A. Nursing License

You must have the Associate’s Degree of Nursing (ADN), or you must pay the NCLEX-RN exam and get the nursing license before you enroll to an accredited RN-TO-BSN program.

B. General Admission Requirements

Still, it may vary depending on the institution. But usually the general requirements include:

– Transcript and diploma in nursing which shows the nursing-related courses.

– At least you should have cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

– You need to make a personal essay which is attached to the formal application.

C. Criminal Background Check

Any hospitals and clinics don’t want to have a crime in their surroundings. Therefore, there are the RN-to-BSN programs have been strict in checking the applicants background. The criminal Background check includes the criminal background check including a physical examination and/or drug screening before the students join in the clinical/practical component for completing the program. You may contact each academic staff in the universities before applying if you have certain concern with this background check.

D. Special tests/exams

Several programs require the students candidate to take and complete the Elsevier’s HESI Admission Assessment (A2). The exam mainly consists of these following subjects:

– Anatomy/physiology

– Biology

– Chemistry

– Mathematics

– Reading Comprehension

– Grammar

– Vocabulary/general language skills

2. What are the goals of RN-to-BSN programs?

The main goal of taking this program is the career and high salary. It is obvious that the higher education means the higher career path. This program is equipped today by the skillsets to develop their knowledge to an advanced level of care in a complex healthcare system. In fact, the AACN (American Assocation of colleges and Nursing states that the RN-to-BSN Program always bring the following three fundamental goals. Earning Your RN-to-BSN Degree

A. Skill-building

The technical proficiencies are needed in today’s healthcare system which are mostly supported by technologies. Through this program you can build your intermediate and advanced skills to broaden your treat and practice with more various range of patience patients.

B. Professional development

Some professional development like communication, leadership, critical thinking and other competencies later on will enable the nurses to collaborate with their colleges. Then, it would be easier for them to thrive in their career.

C. Cultural Awareness

The understanding of the religious, racial, and socioeconomic factors will influence you to deliver any medication to the patients.

3. RN-to-BSN for International Students

The program is also opened for the international students across the States and the world. Before you apply, make sure you have done these things:

– Contact the accredited nursing schools for International students a year before.

– Make application for several institutions including the options where you feel a bit certain to be accepted.

– Send application to international nursing schools in different locations in the US.

– Find the information of test scores for each school so that you can prepare well.

– Make sure you have documentation which proves you to fund the duration of your domicile in the US.

– If you’re accepted, immediately send in your deposit for the financial aid and on-campus housing.

– Take the TOEFL for stating your English Proficiency. The score will valid for two years. You also may to take TSE and TWE if you’re willing to become the practicing residents.

The general requirements for International students:

A. Transcripts from all the schools attended including the evidence of academic proficiencies.

B. A Credentials Evaluation Service which is reported by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools

C.  Minimum two-year experiences in full time working as a nurse.

D. Proof of the English Proficiency test. (TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC).

4. How will a BSN improve my job prospects?

The BSN graduates surely will be have professional benefits which are unavailable to rns with lower credits. Higher salary is of course the main point. You can have professional advancement and you may become a leader in the nursing industry. Besides, the following positions might be your dream-come-true career:

– Pediatric nurse

– Nurse manager

– Clinical Staff Nurse

– Unit manager

– neonatal pediatric

Besides the career you can also connect to some organizations which exclusively will hire the BSN graduates. It is because the bachelor’s level education becomes the minimum standard for any medical establishments. The nurses should earn baccalaureate education to be considered working with a number of organizations as follows:

– Navy

– The U.S. Army

– Air Force

– U.S. Public Health Service

– Veterans Administration

See? How important is the RN-to-BSN degree for your career. No matter who is enrolling in RN-to-BSN Program, the outcomes are still away better than the study time.